Society Limonta Maya Americana lino tavolaSociety Limonta Maya Americana lino tavola

Maya Placemat

£22.50 £45
Society Limonta Tab Fr Tovagliolo lino tavolaSociety Limonta Tab Fr Tovagliolo lino tavola

Tab Fr Napkins

£17.50 £25
Society Limonta Nite Copripiumino cotone lettoSociety Limonta Nite Copripiumino cotone letto

Nite Duvet Cover

£241.50 £335
Society Limonta Tab Tovaglioli lino tavolaSociety Limonta Tab Tovaglioli lino tavola

Tab Napkins

£20 £25
Society Limonta Rem Copripiumino lino lettoSociety Limonta Rem Copripiumino lino letto

Rem Duvet Cover

£217.50 £435

Spring Summer 2021

Society Limonta’s Spring Summer 2021 collection thanks Nature and is inspired by it. Our home has become our personal habitat now more than ever. We immersed ourselves in its light cones, in its intimate silences, in the nuances of moments once overlooked. And while we paused our thoughts and waited, Nature didn’t let us down. It continued its transformation to renew the magic of life. And it reminds us that, in the end, the sun always comes back. Society Limonta’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection is not only an aesthetic interpretation of this Metamorphosis, but also an act of gratitude towards Nature which teaches us to bloom again despite everything.